Choosing A Newer, Better Cell Phone

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It seems like every year it's time to replace that old cell phone with something new and with each new cycle the range of phones available on the market keeps getting bigger and bigger. Today, options range from basic phones that come free with your cellular package to souped-up business models that can cost several hundred dollars. If you're looking for a new cell phone, keep reading for great tips on how to choose the right cell phone for you.
First, let's talk about the absolute hardware basics of the phone and how it relates to how you're going to use it;
Battery Life: If you're often on the go, away from home for long stretches, and a frequent phone user then you're going to want a phone that has great battery life. The lithium ion batteries have an exceptionally long life and don't suffer from battery memory problems, but they can be very pricey.
Transmission Capability: If you're a big traveler, whether for business or pleasure, then you're going to want to make sure that you get a phone with multi-band capabilities so it will work everywhere from Europe to South America to Asia. You also don't want to be relying on a purely digital phone if you plan on making trips out of urban areas.
Weight/Size: For some, the phone size can be a major issue. If you're not going to be carrying a purse or a bag, it's important to find a phone that's light enough and small enough to fit in your pocket (shirt or pant), but still large enough for easy functionality.
Essentially, the three absolute basic characteristics are battery power, signal, and size. Keep reading to learn how functionality and extra options can also help make or break your cellular phone decision.
Above and beyond the basics of battery power, signal type, and weight are the extra options and functions that really make a phone. Unfortunately, they also make your phone purchasing decision that much harder. From cameras to email, how many extras you want on your phone will depend on how you plan on using it.
If you're looking for a fun accessory that also plays MP3s and takes great pictures of you and your friends, consider going all out with an MP3-Camera-phone. Meanwhile, if you're an outdoors-adventurer and the kind of person that gives their gear a beating, you may want to buy a well-built but very basic phone that focuses on functionality and sturdiness.
If you want a business model that will allow you to quickly access the Internet, browse through emails, and easily organize important contacts, then consider going with a phone/organizer hybrid. These phones run simple software that not only gets you online and connected, but also enables you to pull up important office documents, and sync with your business computer.
Finally, remember that how you plan on actually using your phone should be your most important factor when it comes to making a decision. Don't be seduced by extra features that will go unused and never sacrifice functionality.


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