Choosing A Hitachi Plasma TV

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In this busy day and age, spending what free time you have needs to be as enjoyable and relaxing an experience as possible. Nowhere is this more relevant than with your TV, whether it's for watching a DVD, or using it to play the latest games on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 on. With the features on the latest models, choosing a Hitachi plasma TV can offer the solution that you've been looking for.
With Hitachi's new Platara range of plasma TV's, picture and sound quality has never been better. Even with the largest 42" model, Hitachi has managed to maintain a depth of only 90mm deep, so it won't take up any major space in your living room, whether you let it sit freely or decide to wall-mount it. Despite the relative slimness of the model, it's still fully laden with features.
Using Hitachi's patented ALIS technology, which offers bright yet bold pictures displayed in high resolution, their flagship 42" model, the 42PD9700 contains a wealth of features, including: Picture Master HD Technology, for the sharpest pictures yet Integrated Digital TV (IDTV), offering digital transmissions from the box, without the need for a separate cable or satellite connection High Definition ready, offering future proof upgrading Motorized swivel standHowever, if this model appears feature packed, then the new Hitachi Ultravision Plasma HDTV range is the nest level up in plasma TV's. With patented technology, these models offer the ultimate in plasma picture quality. Incorporating the world's first true HD display of 1080i, the 42HDX99 also impresses with: Picture Master HD III Video processor, which scans every single frame of movement to provide a crystal sharp image Day & Night Picture Memory, allowing easy switching between preferred screen settings Film Quality Image Tuning, which improves the detail in both highlight and shadow Natural Color Deep Black Anti-Reflective Glass Screen, which reduces the effect of sunlight on the screen and allows far superior pictures Digital Color Management III, which automatically re-tunes its settings when attached to a digital camera to match that objects color displayHowever, even this phenomenal set is outshone by its bigger brother, the 55HDX99 Ultravision Director's Series. With all the features of the 42" model and more, this truly is the pinnacle of plasma TV's and will enhance anyone's living area beyond compare. With intelligent remote controls that allows you to tune your whole home cinema system to your TV remote, and an HDMI interface for connecting superior products such as HD DVD players, this really is the next generation of not just Hitachi's plasma TV's, but any of its competitors as well.


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