Cellphones Can Save Your Life

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Originally designed for keeping in touch, today"s cellphones are nifty feature rich communication devices that not only come equipped with an incredible array of functions to increase your productivity and entertainment experiences but also with the ability to save your life. Hence, in this article we examine ways in which the modern cellphone can be used as a survival tool.
Bullet ProtectionThe metal casing found in today's cellphones is not only great for keeping away scratches, but can also be used to deflect bullets. Take the case of Darren Prior, a jewelry attendant who credited his cellphone for saving his life during a botched robbery.
Flash LightThe bright display screen found in today"s cellphones not only makes it easy to use the device in the dark but also allows the cellphone to be used as a portable torch, like in the case of the two stranded hikers who had used their cellphone display screens as glow sticks to direct rescue helicopters to their location.
Personal Surveillance SystemMany cellphones now come equipped with a camera which are not only good for snapping personal pictures but can also be used as a personal surveillance device to help protect you from unforeseen incidents, such as a pervert on the subway, a robbery suspect and a would be kidnapper.
Silent AlarmApart from keeping in touch, the text messaging ability is a great feature that is not only simple to use but also discrete. This is especially useful if you need to send out a silent alarm, like in the case of a kidnapped boy who secretly text messaged his parents.
Location FinderMany new cellphones come with a built in GPS. Not only does this technology allow parents to spy on their kids but can also be used a GPS system to find your exact location. Like in the case of the standard couple whose cellphone GPS capabilities enabled Emergency 911 operators to relay their location to on ground rescuers.


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