Cell Phone Ringtones And Wallpaper - Express Yourself!

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In today"s day and age, a person"s cell phone is as much of a fashion statement as their hairstyle or clothing choices. Cell phone ringtones and wallpaper are two very popular ways to customize your cellular phone and differentiate yourself from the pack. If you are not familiar with these great cell phone customization methods, I will give you a brief overview of them in this short article.
So what exactly are ringtones?
Ringtones are customized ringers that you can assign to your cell phone. They can be funny sounds, favorite songs, animal noises, a famous line from a movie, etc. and are available for free and purchase at many sites on the Internet. Ringtones are a lot of fun, especially if you choose one that is particularly humorous. Getting a phone call while standing in line at the grocery store has never been more fun!
The second way that you can easily customize your cell phone is with custom wallpaper. If you"re not familiar with what this is, just picture it as a background for your cell phone screen. You can use photos of family members or loved ones, pets, and more, or you can find many online that you can use.
Hopefully this article has given you a few easy ways to customize your cell phone and express yourself. In my opinion, you should think of your cell phone as an extension of your personality and make it interesting! Once you tackle the basics of customizing your cell phone with ringtones and custom wallpaper, you can move on to things like custom skins, cases, and more.
So see for yourself how much fun it can be to customize your cell phone. I have to warn you however, this can be a very addictive hobby and many people simply can"t stop!


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