Cell Phone Batteries A Review

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Cell phone is considered to be the best invention of recent times. With the cell phone, one can communicate and stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The latest cell phone models also facilitate internet browsing through WAP, video and photo cameras, MP3 players and radio. Some even permit word processing and other features of a PC. All these functions use a lot of power, and are possible because of the great cell phone batteries used in the cell phones.
Cell phone batteries are usually made of Lithium Ion (LiOn) which is a lightweight and rechargeable battery that has no effects on the memory of the cell phone. When you first use the cell phone, it is necessary that the first charge is for eight continuous hours. It is important that you charge the battery for so long on its first charge else the battery expires before its intended life span. Different models of cell phones use different batteries with different capacities. Some phones offer vibrator alarm features where it is the battery that vibrates. Then there are cell phones that offer long talk time which need a stronger cell phone battery. This is why it is not advisable to swap batteries between cell phones. All that happens is damage to the unit.
Whichever cell phone and cell phone battery you have, it is important that you don"t expose both the cell phone and its battery to extreme moisture and heat. Though it is important that you periodically charge the battery, it is important that you don"t overcharge it as the resultant heat can explode the unit. It is better that you avoid dropping the cell phone batteries while draining the batteries occasionally and then charging them fully lengthens the life of the cell phone. If the cell phone is not used for more than two months, then the battery has to be recharged completely before using.


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