Careful When You Strip, There"s A Secret Video Surveillance Security Camera In There!

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Ladies, have you ever felt naughty eyes on you at the store"s dressing room? You are probably right. There is someone watching, so better get out.
Thought you were safe from prying eyes?
Each time you shop for a new outfit you always have to check it out in the fitting room. Enclosed in a little space with a mirror, you think you are alone, so you strip and slip on the jeans or dress and strip again to put your clothes back on.
Your intuition must be right to tell that you"re on video. Surveillance security camera systems can be used for mischief too and all ladies must beware. Peeping Toms have gone a level higher in their favorite past time. They have tapped the features of a video surveillance security camera and can enjoy viewing the fitting room scenes in the privacy of their home.
Incredible but sadly trueHidden cameras are a bane and boon to society. It is an emerging menace when the cameras are turned on unsuspecting women who are thinking they are safe in their homes or in public dressing rooms. Unscrupulous persons can make hidden cameras and use remote controls to activate these.
The use of video surveillance security cameras to invade one"s privacy is act of terrorism and is against the law. Yet, people misuse these gizmos with impunity. Peeping toms are not the only ones abusing these security systems. Employers can also bully their staff by keeping an overzealous eye on them.
Unless they are caught spying on women in the privacy of dressing rooms, nothing can be done against the culprits. The law, though, has caught up with voyeurs of the Caesar"s Atlantic City of New Jersey. The gaming palace was fined $80,000 by the Casino Control Commission because of unscrupulous use of video surveillance security cameras.
Spying on the spyViolators of the laws governing the use of video surveillance security camera equipment face one to five years in prison and penalties, so if you have caught a peeping tom in a public place or even in your neighborhood, you can sue. A tape of the recording must be presented as evidence.
Women must be informed of the ugly side of video surveillance security camera systems meant to protect them. One way to protect yourself from malicious eyes is to have a wireless video camera hunter. This can easily track hidden wireless cameras. When it detects a live wireless video, a signal is displayed immediately on the built-in 2.5 color video screen. The alert tone will sound when it has espied a hidden camera. In this case, it indeed takes a spy to catch a spy.
Informed and alertMoms should caution their teens about fitting rooms, school washrooms, and public comfort rooms. Ladies should never strip without any cover. Children in day school should also get protection from the improper use of video surveillance security camera systems. Indeed, kids should be taught how to protect themselves and to report suspicious activities. It is always an advantage to be informed and well armed.


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