Cable Tv Broadcast Stations And Satellites That Circle The Earth

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Even though you obviously know what a television is and what services it renders, I bet you might not know the fundamentals of how it functions.
Television is basically a public broadcasting medium which uses what is known as point-to-multipoint technology that is broadcast to just anyone that comes within range of the transmitter. Its main contents include news, information, and entertainment.
Are you a subscriber of cable television or do you think satellite television is better in terms of quality and costs?
The concept called cable TV is a commercial service that links television to several forms of video programming using a cable known as coaxial.
So how does it work? A cable provider obtains coded signals or what is commonly known as scrambled programming from a communication satellite and from terrestrial links which include broadcast television stations. The major objective of the coded signal is pecuniary as it wards off unpaid access to the programming.
This is the reason why your cable provider electronically decodes the signal and supplies it to you and other paying subscribers through cable.
Other television users who have satellite dishes can also access satellite programming without a cable installation. And just like cable TV, satellite TV is also a subscriber service, because certain amount of money is paid to the network provider in return for access to satellite channels.
And if you are wondering how the whole thing works, communication satellites receive TV signals from the ground station, amplify them, and relay them back to the earth over an antenna that covers a specified terrestrial area.
These types of satellites circle the earth in a geosynchronous orbit. Alright, don't crack your brain over this term, what it means in simple language is that the satellites stay above the same place on the earth at all times.
Satellite TVs have now increasingly become very popular among users, but there are still many people that still don"t use Satellite TV.


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