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Before you launch yourself on a internet marketing career you need to consider carefully the tools that you will require to be successful within this business area. When considering all the resources and information at your disposal the first thing to really acquire is a good Web Design Package.
I have tried many different packages on the market from the expensive Dreamweaver and Frontpage to the more cheaper but just as good. I stumbled across one such package while looking at the very informative Micheal Chenney videos.
The package is called Xsitepro and is a software download from Intellimon. The package came with everything you will ever need to succeed within the Internet Marketer business. It also comes with a very good extensive manual and downloadable how to videos not something you get with a lot of other packages.
I upgraded my machines recently to Vista and I know most downloadable software does not upgrade well but this surprisingly works well and a registered user updates are good and regular. Having confidence in the builders of software applications and there support is a major draw for me to use this package.
Some of the main features of this unique package are that it dramatically reduces the Web Site development time down and I find that being able to turn around a customers website quickly very profitable for being able to produce a high quality website in less than a weekend.
Its website management makes it easy to keep back ups and updates to a web site quickly and easily as once the FTP settings are in they are held. Features such as the Domain alarm allow you to keep track of how long before website runs out.
The video help is brilliant and covers a lot of the features I was first afraid of when entering the internet marketers business these include special pages like how to automate adding Adsense code, special affiliate page generation, and in built search engine optimisation tool that gives you a report and suggestions on how to improve your website.
The power pack features are also something I didn"t expect these cover items like automating breadcrumb trails, links pages, pop ups, robots and sitemaps. Because all of these tools are automated for you my development time has come down so I can run a web design business as a good side line to my main occupation.
For affiliate marketers like myself I find that being able to use the in built tool of using redirect pages which hide ugly affiliate urls. Being able to use script tools and automating the placement of these scripts i.e. being able to associate the script with the top, middle or bottom of the web page dramatically helps in the design and update process.
Having used many other packages I have settled on this product over the last few years and found it has provided me with everything I need to be the market leader in web design and my niche marketing web sites.
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2007 Andy Bolton 39 Liverpool UK


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