Bluetooth Headsets: Overview

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It seems that every day, virtual movers and shakers are introducing new products and systems to make our lives a little bit easier. Bluetooth technology is one of the biggest advances to hit the market. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it easy and convenient for users to enjoy wire-free, short-range communication between devices. It is a globally available standard that connects portable computers, mobile phones, MP3 players and even cars, all without wires. People who use Bluetooth technology enjoy communication without any ties, so it only makes sense to have the right wireless headsets. Manufacturers have found that it's not easy to create a really good wireless headset for Bluetooth. On the contrary, it is much more difficult that designing wired models. Bluetooth headsets can never be as small or as light as wired headsets, simply because the battery and extra functions must be included all in one unit. This extra size impacts how the headset mounts on or around the users' ears. There are two main styles of Bluetooth headsets. The more comfortable, yet less secure models are held into place with a loop around the ear. Others are "earbud" styles that are placed directly inside the opening of the ear. More secure, but certainly less comfortable. When you are shopping for Bluetooth headsets, take the following points into consideration:CostThis is an obvious issue. Prices range from the affordable to the truly lavish, so you might have to shop around to compare prices before you choose.
Ergonomics Comfort should be your primary consideration, as users typically spend a great deal of time with Bluetooth headsets.
- Check to see if the device can be removed and replaced from your ear quickly and conveniently
- Make sure that the control buttons on the headset are easy to use
- If you wear glasses, be sure that the device can be used while you are wearing eyeglasses, or sunglasses
- Some calls can take a long time. Make sure that your Bluetooth headset will be comfortable after an extended period of time
- Try wearing the device in both ears. You may want to switch side to side for comfort or convenience
- Compare Bluetooth headsets to see which are the lightest. Weight is a very important consideration, as you don't want the device to cause discomfort or fall off
- See if the headsets come with a carry case. You'll need to store or transport it when not in use Ease of useSome gadgets meant to make our lives easier, only cause frustration.
- Commands and controls should be easy to use and remember
- Be sure that the volume level is easy to adjust. If you're on a call that lasts from your office to the subway station, you'll need to be able to adjust the volume quickly and easily
- You're shopping for Bluetooth headsets to enjoy the latest in instant communications, so make sure that the headset you choose turns on quickly
- Make sure that a support number is provided to call if you need guidance or if you have a problem with the device
- Check the manual. It should be well written and easy to understandFeaturesNot all Bluetooth headsets are created equally. There are a variety of features that may or may not be included in the one you choose.

- Ask about the battery. Know the type of battery, how much talk time it can hold, and how to tell if it's fully charged or losing charge
- Don't assume that the Bluetooth headsets you choose can be paired with every one of your wireless devices. Check and verify this before you buy
- Does the headset carry a good warranty? Who will you call for service if you have a problem?

- Check the sound quality for receiving and sending audio
- How is the range? The headset won't be much good to you if the range keeps you tied to your home or officeThere are other important capabilities to consider in comparing Bluetooth headsets. Voice tags, transfer calls, three-way calling, last number redial, call reject, link to other phones and mute options are all convenient features. Check to see how it looks on you. You might not want a headset that is large and obvious, or you may prefer a model that stands out.
While technology changes our lives, it also shapes our lives. Using Bluetooth headsets gives us the freedom to stay connected without being tied down.


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