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There are many people out there who claim that they know what spam is. However, you must know that it is difficult to identify who is right or wrong because, you see, spam can be defined in different ways. But to avoid any complications, spam is any kind of junk mail or commercial advertising electronic mail that you get, which of course, you never imagined you would be asking for. Any sort of method for blocking spam is a gift form God.
Spam Assassin, which is introduced by TCH, is a tool that blocks spam mail from a specific server. If you choose its default mode, it will be disabled when a particular website is setup by TCH. If you choose to install this spam mail blocker, your worries about receiving spam mail are surely reduced, if not eradicated.
If you want to block spam mail more specifically, you can just block certain mail depending on what words are stated on their subject line. It is such a simple task. You have to click on Email Filtering first, and then click Add Filter. After you have done so, the first drop down box will come out, and inside this drop down box, you click Subject.
A second drop down box will show, whereing you must click Contains. And yes, just like you have predicted, there is also a third drop down box. In the last drop down box, you should type Stop Pay, or whatever word or phrase it is or are that you want to block. When these words are in a certain mail, they will not be able to enter your inbox. This method is usually used to avoid receiving any obscene mails that are just completely adored by perverts.
However, this method must be paid attention to because it is really case sensitive. So if you type prostitute, it may not have the power to block the word prOsTiTutE. After you have finished these tasks, click Discard. After clicking Discard, click Activate. That is, however, not the last "Click" you must perform, you still have to click Go Back. It is a simple procedure. But admit it, it can get pretty lengthy.
If you want a quicker solution, you can just automatically discard the spam mail that has been posing to be quite a threat to your inbox space. Instead of saving your inbox space for those wanted messages, you end up having to delete advertisements for specific products that you did not even know existed.
Blocking spam mail is definitely the solution if you want a cessation of all those unwanted mails. There are various ways to be able to block spam mail manually. But if you want to live life the easier way, you can just download and install certain software that are experts in blocking spam email.


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