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Web BrowsingBusiness agents and sales representatives need this software installed in their cellphones for many purposes. One, you could contact your clients through e-mailing and file sharing. Two, you are able to update your web sites even when your laptops are not in reach. Three, you could do researching. Lastly, when you do not have or have not bought newspapers, you could have the latest news, check the status of the stock market and get in touch with the business world with your cell phone.
CameraCellphones with integrated cameras is hot on sale nowadays. This feature is very important especially for businessmen. You could take pictures of your products and send it to your clients. You could also upload these pictures to your websites for the public to see. You would not need your digital camera, connector, and laptops or personal computers, because the cellphone can do such simple task!
Bluetooth Device and InfraredThe bluetooth device and the infrared are two important devices that must be present in mobile phones used for business. When you need to send important contact information or a file to a business partner, you can simply turn on one of these devices and then the transferring is done. This is a reliable alternative of e-mailing whenever the internet access is low. The infrared is only applicable for two units and only if they are less than an inch away. Plus, using these devices is for free.
Word Processors and SpreadsheetsSome cell phones have these applications pre-installed, but as for those who don't have it yet, grab one now. With this in your cell phone, you can input information and do your inventories in the word processor and spreadsheet application, respectively. This way, you won't need a laptop. You don't have to go to internet cafes and waste your time and money because everything you need is in your cell phone.
Calendar, Organizer, and TrackerAs businessmen, you are always pre-occupied with other things and you tend to forget some meetings and appointments. Having a calendar and organizer in your mobile phone, you can set the date of your schedule and also set an alarm. So, you won't have problems being absent in your conferences. A mobile tracker is an extra feature. You may either do away with it or install it.
Business- and company-used phones need bigger memory space for saved documents and downloaded applications. If you are a neophyte in the world of biz, make sure you have a full-packed cell phone in hand and you won't have any problem at all!


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