Best Info To Wipe Hard Drives

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Wiping a hard drive should be done periodically. This process helps maintain the speed of your computer. Fact is, even if you have deleted less than desirable programs from your computer, those programs still leave traces and footprints than can often slow down and affect the function of your computer. The Add and Remove feature of your computer is not fully equipped to fully remove traces of programs that you have deleted, chances are, there are still a few stragglers hanging around without you knowing it.
This is one of the reasons for problems with your computer like errors that you cannot explain the origin, glitches and even worse, crashes. Wiping a particular drive, oftentimes DRIVE C is useful when REINSTALLING the Operating system since it will make sure that any Virus or Worms are non existent prior to installation.
Erasing the data from your hard drive is also necessary if you will be selling your computer as a second hand product. If you are, you cannot leave any data that might compromise you. Some criminals can use the data left on your computer's hard drive to steal your identity.
Wiping your hard drive can be easy; it just takes up some time. Before you proceed with the overhaul of your computer, remember to store your important files in a folder or removable storage disk that you can access once the hard drive wipe is complete. After you have backed up your files go back and look through them once again. Remove those you do not like and make sure that you have the means to re-install those that you want to keep. A very important note is to save your emails. Some people proceed to wipe their hard drives forgetting to save their emails and end up loosing very important correspondence. So before you start with the wipe, make sure that you have stored all emails in a safe location.
Most people shy away from cleaning their hard drives because they think that it is too difficult. It is true, it may take time, but it is time well spent. You can either make it easier by performing the steps outlined in this article or you can have a professional do it for you if you are not confident enough. Another option is to avail of hard drive erasing software that come in the form of floppy disks, CDs and downloads. These products make erasing the contents of your hard drive much easier and quicker.
It may seem like a lot to do, but once you have successfully wiped your hard drive and installed new programs, it will be a like a breath of fresh air for both you and your computer. If you do not find the options presented helpful or applicable to you, here is one that may help. If you have the budget for it, just go ahead and buy yourself a new computer. Saves you time and energy, plus the new computer may look much cooler than the old one.


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