Autopilot Social Bookmarking: Would Social Bookmarking Sites Ban You?

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I'm sure you have heard much Social Bookmarking. What is it exactly? When you list a site in your bookmark list, anyone looking for that same type of information can do a search at the bookmark site and find the sites that you have bookmarked. It is like a search engine without all the trash.
All Social Bookmarking sites provide a refreshing change for user oriented search. Setting bookmarking tags provide a much better system as compared to categories because unlike a browser - you can use more than one tag. Social Bookmarking will be the future of searches because its powered by humans; assessed by humans and voted on by humans!.
In the old days. If you are looking for a great blog to read in the morning then you will love the chance to find out the most popular blog via your favorite bookmarking site!. Tagging is using single words or phrases (separated by commas or spaces) to describe the links you are posting on these Social Bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking saves uploading a bunch of urls to your domain or remembering to send them to your Aunt Sally before you visit on the off chance you'll need to remember that special something while you're away. About 6% of my referrers this month are related including .8% off the home page meaning that people click on my link when they see it pop up in their RSS feed. Check out
Social bookmarking sites also help you to meet other people who are interested in the same topics you are and who may also have knowledge of web resources that you don't. But by organizing your bookmarks online; you can help yourself (getting organized/ getting my content exposed) and help others at the same time to finding great content. Watch out for typos. . Put Social Bookmarking on Autopilot!


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