Audio Streaming: Adding Humanity

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The headline read, If your site doesn"t have audio, it"s going to be outdated soon. It"s this type of headline that captures attention, especially if you are an online business that is seeking to grow your business, retain your existing customers and attract new prospects.
Where once we were satisfied with a relatively small handful of gigabytes, we are now purchasing computers with lightening fast speed and a seemingly endless bucket of hard drive space.
Statistics indicate consumers of computer products are purchasing high-end computers simply because they crave options with audio and video and do not wish to be left out when these options are available. Furthermore these consumers will actively seek out sites that offer audio and/or video.
Internet consumers have discovered the thing they found lacking in Internet communications was the personal touch. Reading text was a great way to connect with people on a global basis, but as with all consumer demand there came a time when it wasn"t enough. Now individuals are able to communicate through Internet phone connections and converse using web cams.
If you have a step-by-step process for outlining the benefits of your product or service the use of audio can help guide your prospect through the information stages right to the point of sale and you will be with them every step of the way in the form of companion audio streaming.
There are fees associated with the use of some audio production software services. However, there are other software solutions that may allow you to purchase the software without any additional fees. You can develop your own audio using your own computer and upload the end result in a matter of minutes.
Audio streaming is the perfect personal touch. When a visitor is relatively new to the use of the Internet the availability of an audio stream can help them take steps they would have been hesitant to take without your direct and highly personalized guidance.
Many online businesses will report that their sales increased with the use of audio. Many will also indicate audio streaming was a pivotal point in the renewed growth of their online business.
The use of audio streaming allows for a personality driven business to effectively translate to the consumer. While this is the norm in brick and mortar stores the use of personality within a website is fast making it possible for customers to feel a strong connection to your business, your brand, and your ability to be trusted.


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