Are You In Need Of A T1 Phone Line

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T1 technology is a quantum improvement in the world of communication. This technology replaces the earlier one which depended on conversion of sound into analog signals which were carried through a pair of copper wires again to be converted back to sound at the receiver"s end.
When T1 technology is opted for, the first visible difference to a non technical user is that the service provider lays an optic fiber cable and this becomes the medium of transmission instead of the conventional copper wires.
The other more vital difference which obviously is not apparent to a non technical user is, the sound is now digitized and the digitized signals are transported along the fiber optic cables. This gives exceptional clarity to the voice and telephoning now becomes a pleasure. The noise and disruptions which are inseparable accompaniments of a conventional phone conversation, is completely absent in this system.
The biggest advantage of T1 phones is their capacity to carry huge volumes of traffic. One T1 line can support as many as 24 simultaneous conversations.
The other advantage is these lines are not dedicated to specific phones. Rather, these exist in a pool and once a line is free it reverts to the pool. This allows at least 100-150 people to use a single line capable of supporting 24 conversations without ever having to wait till the other person is through with his discussion. This leads to maximum utilization of this facility.
In the highly improbable event of all the lines getting busy, your existing phone network can be programmed to allow spill over so that nobody ever waits for a free line.
When you sign up a contract with a service provider, his representative visits your office and checks the already existing infrastructure. He checks up the circuits you had already installed in your premises. After that he proceeds to install the new system. The pieces of hardware usually installed are routers, T1 pipes and Ethernet cables.
It usually takes thirty to forty five days from the date of the signing the contract for the new system to be fully operational. So, if you decide to go for the new system, please be prepared to accept this time lag.
Another very important aspect which you must keep in mind while signing a contract with a service provider is his assurance regarding availability of this service. Though most providers claim a 99.99% availability rate, please ensure that this is incorporated in the contract with a penalty clause to be imposed on the provider, should the availability rate fall below the agreed rate.
These contracts are usually for a period of at least three years. Should you terminate the contract prior to the expiry of the contract, you are liable to pay the unexpired amount of the contract together with some sort of a penalty. So, carefully assess and reassess your requirement of a T1 phone line before signing on the dotted line.
The last thing which you must be keeping mind before negotiating with a service provider is that there is very stiff competition among them and they are prepared to go to any length to net another new customer. So, in spite of all the posturing by the sales person, refuse to be cowed down and ruthlessly haggle to squeeze out as much benefits as possible from the service provider!


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