An Introduction To Walkie Talkies

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Walkie-TalkiePossession of walkie-talkie makes you experience the adventure of being a walkie-talkie man acting in Hollywood movie. Walkie-talkies facilitate you to communicate with other people without any restriction of place. You can keep in contact with other people even when you are at home, office or experiencing the adventure of hiking, mountaineering etc.
A good quality walkie-talkie has following features.
Range about 3 miles Stop watch CTCSS & VOX 8 to 10 channels Channel scanner Auto power off facility Earpieces Different call tones Charging cradle Some warlike-talkies even have baby monitorWarlike-talkie handsets are normally available in black and silver shades. Most of the present day walkie-talkies have LCD display. Walkie-talkies with earpieces are preferred more as they offer you freedom of moving around without carrying the handsets.
How does Walkie-Talkie function?
You must be eager to know how does walkie-talkie works? Warlike-talkies function by sending signal (radio waves) to or receiving signal (radio waves) from another walkie-talkie. Frequency is the main factor in the use of walkie-talkie. When the tuned frequency matches people using walkie-talkie can communicate with each other. The communications signals received by the walkie-talkie are converted into radio waves and these radio waves reach the receiver. Once the radio waves reach the receiver, they are again converted into communication signals.
Walkie-talkie provides you the communication faculty without any cost within the coverage area. Some walkie-talkies offer you facility of communicating with more than one person at time. Many walkie-talkie service providers have their own cellular network and also0 share network with other service providers. Such service providers offer you better walkie-talkie service as they have wider range. Following are some of the common features that a quality walkie-talkie offers for you.
Usual phone voice communications Wireless web and private network data services E-mail and pager facility Two-way digital radioWalkie-Talkie WatchesWalkie-talkie watches are considered to be the smallest walkie-talkies available in the market. These watches not only provide you clock function but also have the feature of providing you private mobile radio (PMR) communication facility. These walkie-talkie watches allow you to communicate in adverse conditions like high altitudes, high winds etc. Like normal walkie-talkies, these watches have range of about 3 miles and are quipped with VOX. Walkie-talkie watches are considered best for adventurous people who undertake activities like skiing, mountaineering, hiking etc. The main feature of these walkie-talkie watches is that they do not require license and mostly you get the free service.
Walkie-Talkie RadiosWalkie-talkie radios are simple electronic devices. For communicating with these radios, you have to set the channel or channels at a particular frequency. That"s all! The operation of walkie-talkie radios is also very simple. You have to just push a button when you are speaking and release the button when you are listening. This service is free of cost and you need not to pay any rental.
Following are the main differences between a walkie-talkie radio and a mobile phone.
Mobile phones require outside network for operation as signals are transmitted indirectly through network. You have to pay for making calls and even rental for using mobile phones.
For using walkie-talkie radio you must remember to push and release the button for speaking and listening.
Kid Walkie-TalkieKid walkie-talkies are identical to that of a cell phone. The range in these walkie-talkies is comparatively less (about 200 feet). Sound effects and flashing lights are some of the features of these kid walkie-talkies. These walkie-talkies run on 9-volt batteries. These are not advisable for use by children below age of 4 years.


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