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The adventure and puzzle genres of video gaming dates back to the early days of video gaming and was quite popular. The main reasons for this to happen were two-fold: they were not graphically very demanding and they needed lot of time to complete. Adventure games kept the player interested by making them solving the riddles within. With a puzzle game, there were chances for the challenges to get revamped up slowly and endlessly.
As you might be aware of, the early champion of adventure games was Sierra Entertainment. They created smash hits on the PC like King"s Quest, Police Quest and, Space Quest. They also managed to release early adult-themed games, like the infamous Leisure Suit Larry series. These games were able to offer players a chance to go on a journey in mythical lands or gritty urban streets. Quite often they were filled up with serious and humorous moments that would delight players for many hours continuously.
Although, the adventure genre of video gaming has experienced a serious downturn with the advent of RPG games and FPS games, there"s still hope for the adventure fanatic.
And on console, most of these adventure games have mainly lived on in the form of horror games. For instance, Resident Evil series has managed to receive two major picture productions and three sequels. Many of these console adventure games add in a bit of action so as to help maintain interest in the video game player.
The puzzle genre is a unique category of games because of the fact that they never really utilize the full power of modern technology. Instead their focus is mainly on timed challenges or difficult problem solving that requires extreme reflexes and quick reaction. The most famous puzzle game of all, Tetris, was insanely popular on the omnipresent Gameboy handheld system by Nintendo. In fact, Nintendo continues to heir the puzzle genre of video gaming with smash-hit titles like Mario Party, Mario Pinball Land and Wario World etc. Today, games are much more user friendly than games of the past. Games are so user friendly and attractive to the eye that in most cases, adults enjoy the games as much as if not more than the younger generations. To find out further information about video games, log onto the internet today there is a plethora of information available video gamers.


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