AT&T Wireless Phones - How To Choose The Best AT&T Wireless Cell Phone

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I"ll be honest (and please don"t laugh) -- my absolute favorite thing to do is go shopping for a new cell phone. I know, what a geek huh? For me, it just doesn"t get any better than the day when a new cellular phone is needed. I have a real weakness for shiny things and I could probably spend all day in the AT&T Wireless store.
So, now that you know a little about me and how I like to roll, I"m going to share a few tips with you that I personally use to make sure I end up with the best AT&T Wireless phone possible. It"s not every day that you buy a new cell phone, and it"s something that you should put a little effort into because it goes with you everywhere. Hopefully this brief article will help you on your next hunt for the perfect cell phone.
The first thing that I look at when searching for a new AT&T Wireless phone is the current phone availability. Obviously, not all handsets on the market will work with an AT&T Wireless plan so it"s important that you choose one that is compatible.
The second thing that you"ll want to check out is the overall design. Do you like flip phones? Sliders? Open faced phones? Personally, I always choose flip phones or sliders because they protect the buttons from abuse or being accidentally pressed.
Another thing to look at are the features being offered by different models. Is a cell phone camera important to you? How about video and an mp3 player? These are all features that can be easily found on many wireless handsets today and you should know exactly what you need in a phone before going shopping.
Finally, the last 2 areas that I always compare are price and reliability. No one loves a good deal more than me so I generally do quite a bit of price comparisons before making a purchase. It"s also important to me that the phone I choose has a history of being reliable, I don"t want to end up replacing a phone that"s only 90 days old.
Hopefully this brief article has given you some good ideas on what to look for when shopping for your next AT&T Wireless phone. Remember, take your time and follow these tips and I guarantee you"ll end up with a phone that you love.


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