30 Phrases To Repeat During Difficult Technical Discussions

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It used to be a skill of Social Climbers a key skill was that of name dropping.
Now it is a question of core phrase dropping during difficult technical discussion.
When at loggerheads it is always wise to know such phrases as

1) that is why it is time to upgrade to the new Microsoft Vista

2) Do you realize that they went to the moon on 8 k. of memory?

3) That idea has merit

4) They were discussing that very issue and exploit on that most popular podcast or blog, Time magazine, People magazine, New York or LA Times or the Economist.
The Economist magazine is always best. It is widely held in stead by left wing types.
It comes out weekly and covers the full waterfront. Best the stories seem to hold hidden jewels on rereads and it is impossible for anyone to have fully read any issue.

5) Dvorak"s Law in 1987 was That no matter what they say your new computer is going to cost you $ 3,000.

6) We should have never upgraded to .

7) In the end functionality is everything

8) They should conduct a thorough study on that very relevant topic

9) HUD came to a similar conclusion after Katrina

10) Will this work cross platform

11) Do you realize that there is more English speaking in China than in all of North America?

12) I could not understand the accent of the tech support person on the toll free tech support line

13) It is available online at the FAQ at jerkbossesihaveknown

14) Yes that is the tact initiated by Windows NT

15) I remember this very topic in a discussion the Staples or Best Buy in store tech

16) Mr. Henry Ford on the tech support line from Banglore India answered that well very well and succintly

17) Do you realize that all software conflicts arise from the poor typewriting skills of software engineers who as well talk fast and drink too much coffee?

18) Is this driver available for this device for the Windows Vista operating system?

19) Biodiesel is the way to go. Biodiesel is the wave of the future.

20) Has this issue been followed up? A ticket written ?

21) We cannot have that here.

22) Bloated code

23) In the end economics simply comes down to supply and demand

24) There is identical to a Dilbert cartoon.

25) Those who cannot do manage. Let them down and spend some time in the front lines.

26) It never hurts to be conservative in these matters/

27) Experience is the key teacher in life

28) Are we properly currently licensed for this product?

29) Its simply a computer virus, spyware or malware

30) This will all end with crying.


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