5 Gadgets That A Good Spy Can"t Live Without

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Whether you are an amateur or a professional, gadgets play an essential role in the life of a spy. Although there are some tools and gadgets which are only designed for specific situations that you may encounter as a spy, there are other gadgets which can be useful to you every single day. If you are a spy and don"t have these five gadgets, you are missing some valuable tools from your arsenal:

1) Portable Bug Detector-As a spy, you are responsible for not only obtaining...

5 Materials And Technologies That Just Might Eliminate Digital Camera Shutter Delay

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Bob pushed the shutter release button andNOTHING HAPPENED. The football passed into his son's hands and the actual photo he took was one of a cheerleader's pom-pom. Bob missed the touchdown too. He resisted an insane urge to slam the camera to the ground and jump on it.
This was his first digital camera, and Bob had just experienced an unpleasant surprise. He had used film cameras all his life, but when his Yashica went into the shop a friend loaned him a digital camera. ...

5 New Communication Technologies To Supplement Email

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Every business relies on effective communication with its customers. Communication doesn't just convey information, it inspires trust, builds credibility, stimulates involvement and generates loyalty. But in today's global, hi-tech, rapidly changing business environment, how do you ensure you're communicating effectively?
THE BENCHMARK - FACE-TO-FACEThere's no doubt that face-to-face communication is the most effective method for most people. Why? Because of its two-wa...

5 Questions To Consider When Shopping For A Web Hosting Package

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As you look to establish an online presence, it is very important that you select the right web hosting company. Web hosting is the service that delivers your website to people when they type in www.yourname.com. There are thousands of these companies online today, and knowing the right questions will help you select the one that meets your needs. Here are some to get you started.

1) Is domain registration included, or do I have to pay extra?
Most of the best web hosts ...

5 Reasons For Owning A USB Flash Drive

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There have been a number of wonderful inventions during the 20th and 21st century. Some of these creations have been both massive and minute. Very few of mankinds modern creations have revolutionized working life so much as the USB flash drive though. Ok now that might seem a bit much for some people but the reality remains the same - USB flash drives have made the working lives of millions of office workers, teachers, students, IT and other professionals massively more simpl...

5 Strategies For Comparing Cellular Plans And Offers

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How should you be comparing cellular plans and offers? There is a wide range of products available, many different types of calling plans and there seems to always be something new and exciting to consider. No matter if this is your first or your tenth cell phone, you still need to wisely compare cellular plans and offers before you sign on the dotted line. Here are some things you need to consider before making the choice.

* Know your need first. If you currently have a c...

5 Things To Know When Buying A New Printer

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In spite of the "paperless office" that was supposed to be ushered in by the common use of computers, there is more printing done today than ever before. And that means that printers and their supplies have to be replaced on a fairly regular basis, whether you're printing at home or in a business.
Today's printers offer a lot of features - high resolution photo printing, multi-function printer/scanning/faxing, digital memory card readers and much more. But before you make ...

5 Tips For Staying Safe On Myspace

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There is no doubt that http://MySpace.com has grown into a worldwide phenomenon and it seems that every day, there is a new story being published about the site.
In November 2006, MySpace became the #1 website in the world in terms of monthly page views, having surpassed Yahoo and this online giant shows no sign of slowing down.
With over 130 Million people currently using MySpace worldwide, it's no wonder that this social networking colossus has had its share of negati...

5 Types Of Remote Control Helicopter

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If you are thinking of what particular remote control helicopter to buy, then this article should help.
Here are the different types of remote control helicopter:Gas remote control helicopter If you are thinking of flying a helicopter that somehow close to flying a real helicopter, then the gas remote control helicopter is for you. Made with an engine and powered by gas, this helicopter is the most advanced remote control helicopter to buy. Gas remote control helicop...

5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3.0 Can Save Your Small Business Time And Money

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A solid knowledge of your customers is vital to succeed in today"s modern information driven business world. Small businesses are widely considered to provide a better customer service because the decision makers are closer to their clients than in much larger companies. Managing customer relations has grown increasingly complicated as market forces and trends change at a much faster rate than in the past, and with the internet revolution, that is set to continue and accelera...

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